Artechmet Sp. z o.o.

Welcome in ARTECHMET Sp. z o.o.

ARTECHMET The company was start in 2006.

At the begining , the company carries on business as ARTECHMET F.H.U. Arkadiusz Fordymacki. The company produces steel parts and weldments mainly for Western companies producing cranes.

In 2012, the company ARTECHMET FHU Arkadiusz Fordymacki was transformed into ARTECHMET Company z o.o. The decision was made on the development of the company and commenced investment activities.

Since 2015 the company's headquarters and production activity is located in the newly built facilities in Przyszowice Street. Graniczna 44.

The new production halls with a total area of over 1,400 sq.m. They are equipped with facilities and equipment needed for the production of welded structures. Modern CNC machine CNC rotary table 1250X1800 and crossings X-2000, Y-2000, W-700 allows for precise machining parts and weldments.

The company ARTECHMET SP. Z O.O. welding certificate for welding fine-grained steel.

The company currently employs more than 20 people workforce, and it is steadily increased. Employees of the company are subject to constantly training and are therefore specialized staff.

In the near future it is planned to open a modern powder paint shop that will meet the highest standards for our customers.

Artechmet Sp. z o.o.